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St. Charles Ave. Homes, Always Interesting and plenty of details…

April 20, 2014

St. Charles Avenue Victorian, details


Walking down Charles Avenue in New Orleans is always a great walk with plenty of details and a good time to exercise.  Just check out the details on these three homes.  The windows, the porches, the arches, the columns and the colors.  Just so much detail for the camera….

St. Charles Ave. Home, New Paint Job

St. Charles Ave. Home., Porches and Fences


Brunswig Pyramid Tomb just seems like there is another story behind it…

April 18, 2014

Lucien Brunswig came  to New Orleans via marriage as so many people do. He is the founder of one of the largest drug distribution companies in the United States.

Pyramid Tomb at Lake Lawn in New Orleans

” 1854-1943. Born in Montmedy, France, in the Meuse district. Brunswig emigrated to the United States, where he worked as a druggist in Fort Worth, Texas, in the late 1870s. He moved to New Orleans, where he married Annie Mercer (1857-1892). They had a son, Lucien Mercer Brunswig, and a daughter Annie, after her mother. In 1887 Brunswig founded a pharmaceutical distributing company. Their son died just before his 10th birthday, in April 1892, and Lucien Brunswig’s wife Annie died a month later.”

“Lucien Brunswig came to Los Angeles in 1903 and became a partner in a local drug company. At some point he remarried to Marguerite Wogan (1862-1946), a widow from New Orleans, though we have not been able to locate the date of that marriage or where it took place. One source says that Marguerite arrived in Los Angeles in 1908.”

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Spring in New Orleans, Home and Plants Show Off Their Colors

April 6, 2014

Mid City Home, Flowers 2014


Desoto Street and Moss Street in Mid City

Mid City Home on Desoto 2      From Mid City to Uptown, New Orleans Homes do put on quite a show this time of year.  The weather is cool, the rain plentiful, and the sun shines most days.  Add in the historic homes and you get the beginning of Spring.  The pictures above are from Mid City where you get a variety of plants and all kinds of color.  These tow homes are on Desoto Street which is one of my favorite streets to walk. Such a variety within 6-7 blocks from Bayou St. John.

      The Uptown homes tend to have more organized gardens but no less colorful. Great time to enjoy the outdoors…. These are from the Garden District.  The homes in the Garden District will generally be larger and much older that the Mid City cottages.  But then you will find some large home nestled in the neighborhood.

Garden District Home with Azelas

New Orleans Homes after the front


Garden District Porch, Pink Azaleas...

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Winged Creatures at New Orleans City Park, Getting Spring Started….

March 30, 2014

City Park Ducks 2014

City Park Swans and Ripples     Calling all Pelicans, Ducks, Swans and  Geese that make the lagoons at City Park come alive in the Spring.  These are just a few of our winged friends that make City Park home.  Plenty to eat and it’s a safe place to raise a family.  They are friendly beggars and love all the human attention that they can get. So Lucky to have nature so close to the city.  Some nice real estate for all to enjoy…I joined Friends of the Park and now I go more…..

Where is the next meal...

Pelican in City Park, New Mascot


Reflections on Bayou St. John…..NOLA Sunsets

March 29, 2014

Sunny side of the Bayou      Bayou St. John is a photo opportunity everyday.  The Bayou runs almost to the center of town to Lake Pontchartrain.  This is in Mid-City near City Park.  

Bayou St. John, Sunset

Bayou St. John, Cabrini


Spring is Sprung in March, Colorful Uptown Doubles in New Orleans..

March 27, 2014

Blue New Orleans Uptown Home

Irish Channel Home in New Orleans, its Blue     Colorful New Orleans Doubles in Uptown shine on this Spring day…Notice all the doors are so colorful. Add in the shutters and historic doors and you have a wonderful combination.  Double do come in all sizes and styles.  Many have been coverted over the years inot single family homes but most residents leave the double look..

Townhoue Double in New Orleans, Blue Doors

New Orleans Uptown Double, Red Doors


Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America died in this Garden District Home…

March 25, 2014

Jefferson Davis died in this New Orleans Home     Jefferson Davis died here in 1889 in the New Orleans Garden District…This is a little known fact that stumbled across while walking through the Garden District. He was buried locally for 2 years and then moved to Virginia.  It is known as the Payne Strachan Home…

Jefferson Davis Placque, New Orleans


Henry Buckner House on Jackson in New Orleans….A Recent Movie Star…

March 11, 2014

Jackson Avenue Street Mansion    The Henry Buckner House was a recent Star of Series, American Horror Story, Coven.  It was once Soule Business from 1923 to the 1970′s.  Completed in 1856 for Henry Buckner who made his fortune on “King Cotton”.  The 20,000 sq.ft Mansion is located at 1410 Jackson Avenue on the edge of the New Orleans Garden District.  Its Forty-Eight monumental Ionic and Corinthian fluted cypress columns puts it in a class of its own.

Jackson Ave. Mansion from Side Street

Jackson Avenue Mansion, Iron Gate


Elegant and Colorful Historic Homes on St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans

March 8, 2014

St. Charles Ave. Home and Tree, Mardi Decor


Such a variety of homes.  Different styles and colors abound on the Avenue.  Hard to believe that there are hundreds of elegant homes that are well kept over time.

St. Charles Ave Home, Victorian Feel

St. Charles Ave. Homein New Orleans , Mardi Gras


Friday before Mardi Gras… Ladies Parade and Have Much Fun…..

March 1, 2014


Prima Donna's on Balcony

      You do not need to say much with these photos. A great day weather wise.  These are among the hundreds of walking club ladies have fun in the French Quarter. This is the Friday before Mardi Gras so there is plenty to come over the weekend leading into Tuesday….

Mardi Gras 2014

Hat Lady in Blue

Cowgirl and King...

Prima Donna's Throwing Beads

Diva Girl Parade 2014


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