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Lots of Bones at St. Charles and State Street….

October 19, 2014

Rib Room     Crowd Pleaser on St. Charles Ave. Its free to enjoy an many people are doing that each day and night. Lots of thought went into all the names.  These are a few of the many bones.

Dare Devil

Red Skelton

Mourning Call

Lady Killer

Rock Stars

Slelital Remains on St. Charles Ave. home


Lafreniere Park Carousel in Jefferson, Hidden Gem….

October 15, 2014

Tigers Roar

      Lafrenier Park features a Carousel that is not an antique but one that was built for this Park. It features 30 horses. One Tiger and one Zebra which has to truly unique and most likely the only one of its kind in the world. You can buy a ride for a $1.00.

Horses Run

Horses Galore...

Merry Go round horse


Laura Plantation, An hour upriver from New Orleans…A Creole Plantation

October 11, 2014

Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation, Front Door

Laurel Plantation is less than hour upriver from New Orleans on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. A West Indies style Plantation adds plenty of color to the landscape.  These were all working plantations that were self contained sugar plantations producing everything on site.

Guillaume Duparc acquired the property in 1805 and built the home in the next 11 months.  Once finished it was 24,000 st. ft. of living and basement. It was a U shaped structure with a 2500 sq. detached kitchen in the rear. The wings and kitchen no longer exist but you can still see the foundations today….

Laura Plantation Steps and Porch

                         Talk about a view from your front porch….

Laura Plantation View from Porch



Laura Plantation Porch

Laura Plantation Gardens

Laura Plantation, Back Porch


Things to see, do and hear in the French Quarter, Its no wonder people love having a second home here….

October 9, 2014

Hotel on Esplanade in NOLA


There is so much to see, do, hear and smell in the New Orleans French Quarter.  Took these in an hours time walking around. The Melrose Plantation is a Bed and Breakfast on Esplanade across the street from the French Quarter.

The Masks are colorful and are for sale at the French Market.  Just one of the hundreds of items for sale.  The “Trashy Diva Window” is on Royal Street and always has some interesting dresses for sale.

The Rouses Supermarket on Royal is home to many a band on weekends. Always a good place to get a sandwich, a drink, snack or whatever. The music is fun. Just 2 blocks to Jackson Square.

Window Shopping Inside, French Quarter

Masks at French Market

Rouses on Royal Street, The Band



New Orleans Warehouse District, Always Something interesting to do….

October 3, 2014

Outlet Mall on the Mississippi in New Orleans


One of the more popular places in New Orleans for second homes is in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  One of the big reasons is that there is always a lot to do. There are more and more new things mixed in with the old. The new Outlet Mall is one of the newer attractions.

There are always the old standbys like Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar that everyone should at least try. Fulton Street is middle age but is getting better with age. Views of the Mississippi are among the most scenic in New Orleans. Here is just a touch of the Warehouse District.  Maybe you too will like a condo as a second home.

Sunset on the Missippi River in New Orleans

Fulton Street in New Olreans

Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar in New Orleans

Eric at Italian Square in Warehouse District

Jester and Creole Queen


Uptown New Orleans, Such a variety of home….


Porches and Flags in New Orleans Uptown Homes      On a recent afternoon after listing a condo on Leontine, I decided to take a quick walk around the neighborhood to get a better feel for the area. Always interested to see the variety of styles, colors, sizes, and gardens of homes in the area of town….

Uptown New Orleans Homes in a Row...

New Orleans Home, Unique Coloring, All White

Uptown Street of New Orleans Homes

Uptown Home with large Yard....


New Orleans Graves and Tombs, Always a Great Visit…..

October 2, 2014

Cemetery, Dead end Street

Always a great visit for locals and visitors.  It is always amazing the amount of work that went into the tombs in New Orleans Cemeteries.  They are works of art for all to enjoy. One of the best free visits that New Orleans can offer. One of the most interesting is reading the family names and guessing the orgins  of the family.  Many f the names are no longer here and makes you wonder what happened to the family….

Angels and Prophets

Saloy Tomb at Metairie Lawn Cemetery in New Oleans

Pizzati Tomb at Metairie Lawn, New Orleans Cemetery

Metairie Lawn Cemetery and Tombs, New orleans

Reaching for the sky, New Orleans Cementeries


Daybreak in the New Orleans French Quarter, Its Pretty Quiet….

August 17, 2014

St. Louis Cathedral and Moon...


     Getting up early and out has its advantages when photographing New Orleans as it begins to wake up. Get out at 530 am and you can catch the moon over the St. Louis Cathedral before the sun comes up. Moonlight gives it that glow.

     Head over to Cafe Du Monde and you do not see any Crowds, Coffee or Beignets. Its closed up getting ready for the morning light.

      The gates to Jackson Square are closed and everything is nice and clean with a freshness in the air. The walk over to Pirates Alley before it gets crowded. Actually no one was around. Get it all done so you are ready for breakfast for 730 am.  Love the morning light….and lack of crowds….

Cafe Du Monde in early hours


Jackson Park Gates and Lights

Piarates Ally, Famous Person Lived Here


French Quarter Corners in New Orleans, Always a Historic Look…

August 16, 2014

Chartres Street Corner     French Quarter Corners are all unique and all have the historic look that makes New Orleans so Historic.  Here are a couple of corners from a recent walk.  You have Chartres, Royal and Bourbon Street represented here. Just not very many corners of more than 3 stories. Think what is around the corner on your next visit.

French Quarter Corner 2

Chartres Street Corner, French Quarter

Bourbon Street and Gov. Nicholls


Historic New Orleans Homes…Fences, Gates and Porches…

August 9, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     New Orleans has hundreds of historic homes.  Love the porches, gates and fences that come with them.  They make the home look so livable and inviting. Then you add the windows and shutters to that NOLA feel to the homes.  Take a close look at all the details.  Hard to imagine they can be duplicated in today’s new homes.


Wrought Iron Fences in Garden District...

Garden District Bed and Breakfast, Blue Steps


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