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There is always a story behind most Historic Homes in New Orleans !

Uptown New Orleans Home of Sandra Bullock

     This Victorian Mansion in the New Orleans Garden District tended to lo0k out of place with its very decorative Victorian style.   Little did I know until I went to look up some information about the house that this is Sandra Bullock’s New Orleans home in the Garden District.  My interest was in the details of the roof line and design of the roof.  Little did I know who lives here, but now I do know.  

     The 6000 sq. ft. Victorian Home was built in the 1860′s and is known as the Koch-Mays house.  I have always liked her movies and hope she is able to ” blend in” in New Orleans.  Sandra give me a call and we can get a po-boy for lunch one day, lol.

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  1. Judy 

    Your such a charmer-I’ll have a po-boy with You!

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