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The Historic Luling Mansion is very intriguing, Most people do not even know its in Mid City…

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

      I found this historic Mansion to be very , very interesting.  Most likely since I did not even know it was there until I stumbled  upon it, took a  few photos and wanted to know more.  The Mansion is right off Esplanade Ave on Leda Street in Mid City on a one way street that is only two blocks long.  Its next door to the Fair Grounds.

     Built in 1865 by Florence Luling and designed by James Gallier,  it was to serve as a grand home for theLuling  family.  The family made their fortune in New Orleans by selling turpentine to the Union soldiers when the occupied the City of New Orleans during the Civil War.

   They did not live here long.  Both their young sons drowned in Bayou St. John so they sold the home in left New Orleans in 1871 never to return to New Orleans.  This is the early history and looks to be one of a kind.

Luling Mansion on Leda Street, Later it was the Jockey Club…

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Where ya at Quiz in New Orleans

      Thanks to my friend Ken Del Corral he drove me by this historic home this week that I had never seen before.  I will have to make another visit as this was taken from the car window.  Curious as always below is what I found out about this home.

  The house on Leda Street was erected in 1865 for Florence A. Luling, a wealthy New Orleans cotton factor. Luling, a man of German origin, had purchased the 80-acre site in 1864 and engaged the firm of Gallier and Esterbrook to design the Italianate villa that originally had two semi-detached wings. The grounds originally extended to Esplanade Avenue.

      However, the family did not live there for long. Personal tragedy and reversals in the cotton factoring business during Reconstruction caused Luling to sell his house and a large tract of land on which it stood and move to England. And the elegant 22-room Luling home became the perfect clubhouse for the wealthy young racing aficionados.