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Behind the Wrought Iron Fence on Bayou Road ….” Benachi House”, New Orleans

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Mid City Home Behind the Fence in New Orleans

Mid City Home, Unusual Iron Gate


Located at 2257 Bayou Road you can find this hidden gem, its a block off Esplanade Avenue.  The house was built in 1859-1860 for the cost of $18,000.  Built on the Esplanade Ridge it has survived for over 150 years.  The wrought Iron fence is unique and is a work of art.  It is now used as an event destination.

“Benachi House & Gardens is an authentic, classic New Orleans setting for a party, wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception – from elegant to trendy, crawfish boil to seated dinner. Available for a venue charge, the house and gardens together will accommodate up to 150-175 guests, while a ceremony, reception or party for up to 60 may occur indoors. In the event of rain, the house and its galleries will comfortably contain a buffet and bar and up to about one hundred guests. Included in all rentals are the patios, gardens and outdoor spaces, as well as the parlors, dining room, hallways and kitchen.”


Benachi House Wrought Iron


New Orleans Historic Esplanade Avenue Homes, Colorful on Esplanade….Vivid and Playful !!!

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Esplanade Home in New Orleans1

New Orleans Homes, Brighten up your day



Almost hard to get more colorful homes than the three of these on Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans.  Esplanade is a beautiful Street with an awful lot of unusual homes that brighten the street.  The red and blue one in a Bed and Breakfast. Besides the colorful notice all the  details and woodwork that each of these homes exudes…..

Green Mansion on Esplanade Ave. New orleans


Mid City Homes, Gets Stars in New Orleans Styles of Historic Homes…

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Mid City Homes with porches and yard

Mid City raised Cottage....

     Mid City homes in New Orleans have a tremendous variety of historic homes and styles.  You just have to look at these homes that are within several blocks of each other to see the styles.  Few of these are found any where else in the City.

The raised cottage pictured above is one that is very unique as it the plantation like home below.

Mid City Home in New Orleans, Cornstocks

Mid City Raised Homes, New Orleans

Color me Green in Mid City, The Gardens and the home stand out.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

     Green is one of the most common colors that you can find on homes in New Orleans.  Green shutters are the norm.  Green columns are a little more rare.  This Mid City beauty caught my eye last week.  It was a lot  green with the gardens and plants that the owner really takes care of.  The side yards are great for the viewers as you can see all the owner’s great work and pride that they take in their yard.

Almost a forgotten neighborhood. Mid City near City Park!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Mid City Raised Basement. 

      Yes, you are still in New Orleans near City Park.  This often forgotten area has many, many historic homes that could never be replaced.  The raised basement with tile roof says 1920′s.  There are many large and small homes in the area.  The turnover is very low so you never see many for sale.